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Purchase Cubs Tickets to any home or away game during the 2009 season. Tickets are available at all areas of historic Wrigley Field. Sports Traveler has great deals on all games including:

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Cubs Rooftops are the ultimate experience when attending a ballgame on the North Side. This rooftop is located in right field and holds over 100 people per game.

You will have a great time during the game as you watch your Cubbies and indulge yourself on the unlimited food and drinks that will be provided. Food includes pizza, hamburgers, cheese burgers, veggie burgers, chicken breast sandwiches, pasta salad, hot hogs, Italian sausage, Italian beef, Wisconsin style brats, potato chips, and pretzels.

Beverages include soft drinks, water, ice tea, beer, and wine. Please note that alcohol is cut off during the 7th inning. After you can't eat anymore, ice cream cones, blizzards, slushies, and assorted cookies will be provided for dessert.Please call our office at 888-654-7755 Ext 101 to check on availability and pricing for Cubs Rooftops.
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