Blake Griffin Dunks On, Over, & Through Kendrick Perkins

For the first hundred or so games of Blake Griffin's career we have confidently learned one thing about his game.  Folks, the man can dunk.  In the game of basketball a dunk counts for just as much as any other 2 point field goal but there are always a few athletes in the league that turn the dunk into an art form.  The dunk can also get the crowd pumped at home or get your teammates fired up on the road.  Much like a fight in hockey.

Through the years we have seen the evolution of the dunk from Darryl Dawkins and Julius Erving to MJ and 'Nique, to Vince Carter and Kobe, to LeBron and now Blake Griffin.  NBA fans have been witness to some amazing dunks over the last few decades, but I'm not sure any of them are as impressive as the B. Griffey's dunk from last night's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The Clippers end up winning the game which should be noted considering OKC has the best winning percentage in the NBA at the moment.  However, the dunk that Griffin abuses Perkins with is nothing short of amazing and will go down as one the greatest dunks in NBA history.  This post is simply an attempt to pay homage to this incredible act of athleticism but if you somehow managed to not see it...  Here is it.

Written by: Craig Kibler


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