Super Bowl Hangover

The biggest sports day in the country has come and passed.  The Super Bowl is now over and the Seattle Seahawks are the champions of the NFL.  Hard to think that this journey has come to an end but we are finally here.

Like any NFL season, there were highs and lows for all teams but only one could come away with the Lombardi trophy.  Yesterday we all got together to watch this spectacle and today we say good bye to the 2013-14 football season.

The fans in Seattle will ride this wave for the next couple of weeks as the city and team celebrate the first Super Bowl win in franchise history.  The rest of us have to settle with draft analysis and off-season expectations.

What a Finish!

It was quite a season this year that ended on a very surprising note.

Peyton Manning was crowned MVP of the league the day before he has decimated in what could be the final game of his career.  Manning had the greatest season in NFL history at the quarterback position.  His numbers defied age and logic.  His offense was also record setting by breaking the points and touchdowns record for a season.

In the end all those numbers didn't mean anything.  Peyton even broke the record for completions in Super Bowl.  Still meant nothing.  People will spend the next weeks questioning whether Peyton really is that great.

How can he be if he only wins one out of three Super Bowls?

His legacy should not be tarnished by what happened in Super Bowl XLVIII.  It shouldn't be anyways.  I think the biggest point to take away from the Super Bowl is that defense can still win championships.  The best offense in the league, maybe even league history, went against the best defense in the league, once again maybe league history, and the best offense was dominated by defense.  So an MVP on an offensive powerhouse got stopped in their tracks by an amazing defense in shocking fashion.  I feel like we have seen this act before...

Super Bowl XXXVII ring a bell?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48 - Oakland Raiders 21

No rule changes could prevent the "Legion of Boom" from causing all kinds of problems for Peyton and his prolific offense.  No amount of Omaha chants could save the Broncos.  The Broncos would suffer the same fate as their division rival Raiders.

Even though the game lacked excitement at the end it was still a great Super Bowl.  Not all games can go down to the wire.  Some games just have to be appreciated for what they are.  This was a perfect example.  Don't be upset because the game wasn't close.  Be happy that idea of what football is still exists and defense can still win.

The game may be changing and could be unrecognizable in the upcoming future.  But not now.  Football is still here and all fans should be celebrating this fact.  Although celebrations can't last too long because your team might be facing that young Seahawks defense for years to come.  Man are they good.

So cheers to the end of the NFL season!  It was a great one for Sports Traveler and we hope it was for you too.  Don't let the Super Bowl hangover get you this year.  It's okay, football will be back again soon and those pants will fit again in a couple days.

On A Side Note

Did anyone actually like the commercials for the Super Bowl this year?  I know I was disappointed yet again.  It seems like the more money people spend the worse the commercials are.  Now this is something we can be sad about.  What happened to the good Super Bowl commercials?

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