Buy Your 2009 Baseball All Star Tickets

For the first time since 1966, St. Louis is hosting the Major League Baseball All Star Game.  I could not be any more excited.  This is a great ballpark.  If you haven't been to this stadium yet, you are truly missing out. 

First of all, it is nothing like old Busch Stadium.  On a summer night, you will get a breeze!! The current Busch Stadium was actually built around the old stadium.  When you are walking down the lower level concourse, the old scoreboards are hanging up in the same spot as they were during the final game at old Busch Stadium. Also, It's hard not to notice the St. Louis Arch behind the outfield. 

When purchasing your tickets for the All Star Game or Home Run Derby, keep in mind that there are no bad seats at Busch Stadium.  I personally like sitting on the 200 level.  Great view of the stadium, plus you are not too high up either.  if you are on a budget, there is nothing wrong with sitting on the 400 level either.  No obstructions.  Of course if you are planning on going to the Home Run Derby, you will want to be sitting in the outfield. 

Sports Traveler is also offering the complete package to the All Star Game next July. With the All Star Game Packages, you will receive deluxe hotel accommodations in St. Louis, game tickets to the All Star Game, plus options on the Home Run Derby.

If you have any questions about what to do in St. Louis besides going to the game, let me know.  I would love to help.


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