All '85/'06 Chicago Bears..."let the controversey begin"

DISCLAIMER: The following 1985/2006 Bears roster is based on the stats from these respective years. Future and past years do not reflect the starting lineups for this 1985/2006 Chicago Bears Team. For example, Mike Brown is not on this list for he is hurt. You won’t find Brian Griese either because he has only thrown five passes this season. Finally Mike Tomczak just plain sucks. Hope you enjoy and let the controversy begin.

Training Camp:Bourbanais. Platteville is a dump. Period.

Coaches:Head Coach: A Certain Coach Ditka. Offensive Coordinator: Ron Turner. Defensive Coordinator: Buddy Ryan. Asst. Defensive Coordinator: Ron Rivera
NOTE: Ron Rivera is a player/coach on this roster.


  1. Jim McMahon
  2. Rex Grossman
  3. Steve Fuller

Jim McMahon played the 85 season hurt. When he came of the injury list against the Vikings, his first two passes were for touchdowns. Grossman is playing great and to have a Super Bowl Team, you need two solid QB’s. Steve Fuller is on this list because he played the 85 season and Griese and Orton have yet to play this season.

Half Back:

  1. Walter Payton
  2. Thomas Jones No questions here.

Full Backs:

  1. Matt Suhey
  2. Dennis Gentry
  3. Jason McKie

Matt Suhey had 766 all purpose yards in 1985 with 2 TD’s. Gentry and McKie are your blocking fullbacks not your yard makers.

Tight End:

  1. Emery Moorehead
  2. Desmond Clark Even though Desmond Clark will probably have more yards at the end of the season (305 right now) than Moorehead had in 85 (471), he was used brilliantly as the Bears “6th” offensive line man.

Wide Receivers:

1. Willie Gault

2. Bernard Berrian

  1. Mushin Muhammad
  2. Dennis McKinnon
  3. Dennis Gentry I’m not going to bother with this one because I already know there is controversy. Also, Dennis Gentry is on this list because he did play WR in 1985.


Robbie Gould (Field Goals Only)

Kevin Butler (PAT only)

Both of these guys are fantastic kickers and both deserve to be on this list. Considering that Gould is 17/17 for field goals this season and Kevin “Butthead” Butler was 51/51 on extra points, they are both on this list. Punter:

Brad Maynard

This is the last category you should being questioning.

Offensive Line:

Tackles: Jimbo Covert, Keith Van Horne

Guards: Tom Thayer, Olin Kreutz

Center: Jay Hilenberg

Jay Hilenburg was a Pro Bowler in 1985. Olin Kreutz is also a great center, probably the best in the NFL. If you would like to switch Hilenburg and Kreutz, I will allow it. However, there was no way I wasn’t going to put both of these guys on this list.

DISCLAIMER: After a long argument about if Mike Singletary should start over Brian Urlacher and vise versa, I decided to do two different defenses. The 4-4-3 and the 4-3-4. ENJOY!!

4-4-3 Defense DT:

  1. William Perry
  2. Tommie Harris
  3. Steve McMichael No disrespect to Mango, but it was hard decision.


  1. Richard Dent
  2. Mark Anderson
  3. Dan Hampton Richard Dent won the Super Bowl XX MVP and had 17 sacks. Mark Anderson currently has 6.5 sacks with only two starts and Dan Hampton also had 6.5 sacks. Unless Anderson does not do anything for the rest of the year, I will reverse the two. I also do realize that Hampton made the HOF, which was 2002. Oh I watched him get inducted. Remember this list is not going by career stats just 1985 and 2006 stats.


Weak: Brian Urlacher

Strong: Mike Singletary


  1. Otis Wilson
  2. Lance Briggs Wilber Marshall and Ron Rivera are the LB reserves.


  1. Gary Fencik
  2. Ricky Manning
  3. Nathan Vasher
  4. Leslie Fraizer Gary Fencik was the cornerstone of the “46 Defenese.” Ricky Manning currently has 3 INT’s in 6 games. I also realize that Fraizer led the 85 Bears with Interceptions.


1. Dave Duerson

2. Shaun Gayle

3. Daniel Manning

Duerson and Gayle were 1985 Pro Bowlers.

4-3-4 Defense DT:

  1. William Perry 2. Tommie Harris 3. Steve McMichael


  1. Richard Dent
  2. Mark Anderson
  3. Dan Hampton


Inside: Brian Urlacher

Outside: Otis Wilson, Lance Briggs

Mike Singletary and Wilber Marshall are the reserves.


  1. Gary Fencik
  2. Ricky Manning
  3. Nathan Vasher
  4. Leslie Fraizer


  1. Dave Duerson
  2. Shaun Gayle
  3. Daniel Manning

Injured Reserved:

  1. Mike Brown
  2. Jeff Fisher
  3. Adewale Ogunleye

Long Snapper:

Patrick Mannelly

Mannely is the best long snapper of all time.

Holder: Brad Maynard
You can’t go wrong with Maynard.


By: Mike Maksym - Sports Traveler Sales

e-mail: [email protected]

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